Friday, September 25, 2009


On Sunday, I had dinner with a girlfriend who I'd met through the Internet (don't you just love blog people?), who also happens to be pregnant -- about a month ahead of me.

We were trying to reassure eachother that this time would turn out great (given both of our past less-than-stellar conception histories).

Wednesday, she went to her first midwife appoint, and sadly, there was nothing detected -- no sac, no baby, no heartbeat.  She was devastated, to say the least.

Her doctor gave her a few options: (a) she was earlier than she thought, and it was just too soon to see anything; (b) the pregnancy was ectopic and she'd need to have an ultrasound on Friday; or (c) it was another blighted ovum.  She had her betas drawn on Wednesday after her appointment, and then just had to wait.

Her midwife had told her that if her betas were over 20,000 (keep in mind, she is almost 8w pregnant to my 5w), it would not be promising that there was a baby.  Under 20,000, there was still hope.

Thursday, she found out her betas were well over 120,000.

Again, she felt hopeless and heartbroken.

Friday morning, she went in for the confirming u/s, and to schedule a D&C.

But instead, she saw a healthy gestational sac, a perfectly formed yolk sac, and a beating heart.  Whoo-hoo!

And not only that, there was another gestational sac, just slightly smaller than the one with the baby.  There is still a chance that a twin is developing!!!

And not only that, but there were two more sacs, smaller than the others, with no visible signs of growth....

But still!  Can you believe it?  She said she knew she was in trouble when the u/s tech put in the wand and said, "Now, T____, did you conceive naturally?".

I can't help but remember what T___ said to me when she found out I was pregnant again: "This is going to be so great.  We are going to do this TOGETHER!!!"

Ugh.  Is it the 5th yet?

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