Saturday, September 5, 2009


It started innocently enough.

A simple gift at Christmas.

But an indulgence turned into a habit, thanks to BlissDom.

And that habit grew when Seth was introduced to the wonder, thanks to me.

And then, Jim fell for it, too, thanks to Seth.

And now.

We are making an official announcement:

We are a CROCS family.

crocs 002

His, hers, little his’ – for now, and for later growth.  It’s not quite an obsession, but we’ve definitely gone over to the dark (plastic and holey) side.

Tell me, Interpeeps?  Do you have an opinion on the Crocs phenomena?


Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Oh no...say it ain't so! I am holding out, here. They just seem like such a fashion faux pas (did I even spell that right?)! Although, I'm certain they are probably I refuse to try them in fear that I will convert to the dark side. I think they are this generation's version of the jelly shoes. Now those were some quality plastic...with some neon jelly bracelets to accessorize. Oh, yeah....sister...good times.

mandie lane said...

I think this is one area where we'll have to agree to disagree. ;)

Angela said...

Love that picture!

Andrew has Crocs; he's three. That's about it. LOL

Valerie said...

I resisted for so long, but I caved a couple of months ago when they had the Mary Janes on sale for like $7.50 a pair. I still don't wear them out in public though. ;)

Anonymous said...

ROFL =)). As you know, it took me 52 years to finally buy a pair of sandles! Now I can't take off!


Goat Gal said...

Love them! I can't get enough either. I should probably be shopping for more since tis the season for Croc sales!

Sara said...

Oh, Mon. I don't know. I love your flipflops, I love Seth's little shoes. I can't bring myself to them. Everybody is different, though! If you like them, more power to ya!

Christy said...

You are so funny! I don't personally wear them because for some reason I feel like they make my feet look twice the size they really are. My husband and two sons both wear them and love them. Can I just say that they are the only shoes my boys wear that they outgrow them before they fall apart. That is a miracle in my book and the best $30 I spend on them!

Suzanne@the best kind to have said...

Evie was given a pair, that are still way too big for her but she is obsessed with hers. I've hid them and everytime I turn around she's found them and has them on. I'm off to get her a pair that fit today. I'm not quite there yet though.

Holly said...

I like them. They are very verstaile shoes. I wore them to work until they banned them (darn it). I can wear them to the store or gardening. I think they're comfy. I have just one pair and my daughter had a little pair (not official crocs though).

Bluebird said...

oh yes, i am a proud Crocs!! wearer. i am sure i get judged every time i wear them out in public, but they are so insanely comfortable that i just don't care!

Rhonda said...

At first we didn't want to convert and didn't like the style at all (mainly me). Then two weeks before Mady was born our family of 9 girls joined our church and introduced us to the varying styles and wonderfulness of Crocs. We bought them first for the kids then last summer bought our first pairs for us adults. From then on it was Crocs only for fun or casual wear. We go every summer and maybe a couple other times in the year to MI City, IN to shop at the wonderful outlet stores there and always make sure that we buy new Crocs for everyone. I even got boots for Morgan when we were there in June! I'm more excited about the boots than she is, I think. For Christmas the two items I wanted most were the Crocs slippers and boots. Dan gave me both! :) I must agree that we love Crocs and are also a HUGE Croc family.